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Journal of Drug Assessment

Title Abbreviation
J Drug Assess
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General Practitioners, Outcomes Manager, Pharmacologists, Physicians, Researchers
The Journal of Drug Assessment is an open access journal that publishes study types on a range of drug therapeutics of interest to the clinical medicine and research communities. The journal aims to provide ethical, unbiased and rapid publication of quality content that is validated by rigorous peer review. The journal’s objective is to help facilitate improvements in patient health by facilitating a collaborative and honest approach to publication. The journal welcomes smaller studies, preliminary and pilot studies, results from trials that have not met their endpoints and studies with confirmatory findings from Phase I–Phase IV trials. It also welcomes review articles and meta- The journal’s scope — combined with the transparent and rigorous peer review process — make certain that papers are accepted based on their scientific merit (i.e., technically sound, well-written, comprehensive reports), not on the novelty or impact of the results. In addition, the rapid publication timeline allows for online publication within 7-9 weeks of submission, whilst always ensuring total transparency of the peer-review process and disclosure of financial and other relevant relationships for all submitted manuscripts. The Journal of Drug Assessment publishes: Smaller and lower-impact studies and early trial data Null or negative study results in addition to incomplete, inconclusive or controversial results Confirmatory studies and updates to previous research Case studies in clinical practice, involving new and existing drugs Reviews on new and existing drugs, novel study designs, research and pharmacoeconomic outcomes Full-length original articles and meta-analyses that report the results of Phase I–IV studies on pharmaceutical products and medical devices in all drug classes, therapeutic areas and disease states (including approved and unapproved products, therapeutic diagnostic/theranostic products and over-the-counter medicines) Brief research reports that meet the above criteria and have the same elements as a full-length paper, but are shorter, and provide more concise information in each element, with fewer illustrations Editorials commenting on new developments in pharmaceutical regulatory affairs, new policies, health outcomes and drug manufacturing, and controversial clinical and preclinical findings Letters to the Editor as correspondence to the Editor on previously published work.
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No associations affiliated with this journal
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Taylor & Francis, Inc. - UK
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