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Wound Practice & Research

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Advanced Practice Nurses, Allied Health Professionals, Clinicians, Dermatologists, Hospitalists, Nurse Educators, Nurse Practitioners, Nurse Practitioners/Physician Assistants, Nurses, Researchers
The journal is also circulated to many individuals and companies nationally and internationally who are involved in research into wounds and wound healing, and/or distribute wound management products. The journal is gaining a strong reputation as a source of reference for clinicians in the field of wound research, clinical wound management, stomal therapy, infection control and pharmacy. The journal can be found in many medical or nursing tertiary education and hospital libraries in Australia and New Zealand. The focus of the journal is primarily in discussing and portraying issues on wound management within Australia and surrounding countries. Within each issue there are usually four to five papers that relate to such topics as the science of wound healing, the aetiology of wounds, the care of acute and chronic wounds, wound research, wound care in the community and quality of life issues. Other regular features of the journal are an editorial, book reviews, product evaluations and product information released by the manufacturers of wound care products and related devices.
Sponsoring Association(s)
Australian Wound Management Association (AWMA)
Publisher Name
Cambridge Publishing
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