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Immunologists, Outcomes Manager, Pharmaco-Epidemiologists, Pharmacologists, Scientists
Immunotherapy delivers essential information in concise, at-a-glance article formats. Key advances in the field are reported and analyzed by international experts, providing an authoritative but accessible forum for this vitally important area of research. Articles published in Immunotherapy include key areas such as: Cancer immunotherapy, including cancer vaccines and passive immunotherapeutic approaches; Combined chemo/radioimmunotherapy in cancer treatment; Restorative immunotherapy for AIDS and other immunocompromised patients; Suppressive immunotherapy for autoimmunity diseases and transplantation; Allergy vaccines; Basic science of immunotherapeutic approaches; Drug–immune system interactions; Drug delivery systems, drug combinations and drug–drug interactions; Summaries evaluating newly approved immunotherapeutic agents; Newly identified immune targets of drugs; Results of recent findings and clinical trials relevant to the field of immunotherapy; Postmarketing research, including adverce events, drug safety, pharmacoeconomics and cost–benefit issues.
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Future Medicine Ltd.
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