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Biofuels provides a forum for all stakeholders in the bioenergy sector with a view to establishing an international community of bioenergy communication. As biofuel research continues at an unprecedented rate, the development of new feedstocks and improvements in bioenergy production processes provide the key to the transformation of biomass into a global energy resource. With the twin threats of climate change and depleted fossil fuel reserves looming, it is vitally important that research communities are mobilized to fully realize the potential of bioenergy. Key areas: Sustainable production of annual, perennial and wood feedstocks from agriculture • Creation of new biomass feedstocks in laboratories • Biochemical conversion techniques • Fermentation, anaerobic digestion and enzyme development • Thermochemical conversion techniques • Biocatalyst development, gasification and pyrolysis plants • Bioenergy systems and plant engineering • Conversion of biomass into heat, electricity and biohydrogen • Storage and transportation of biomass during manufacture • Implementation, improved efficiency and reduced environmental impact of first generation biofuels, including ethanol and biodiesel • New bioenergy sources: algae, genetically engineered fuels, and biochemical carbon dioxide conversion • Policy, management and communication to establish a global bioenergy market.
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Taylor & Francis, Inc. - UK
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