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Drug Safety - Case Reports

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Drug Saf Case Rep
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Allergists, Allied Health Professionals, Caregivers, Clinical Pharmacologists, Clinicians, Critical Care Physicians, Dermatologists, Emergency Physicians, Family Practice Physicians, General Practitioners, Geriatricians, Hospice Nurses, Immunologists, Internists, Pain Specialists, Patients, Pharmacists, Pharmacologists, Physicians - Medicine, Researchers, Toxicologists
Drug Safety - Case Reports is an online, open access journal specialising in the publication of case reports and case series relating to suspected adverse drug reactions. As well as reports of any unintended or adverse effects following administration of a medicinal product (or products), the journal welcomes reports of cases involving `near misses' (for example, medication errors detected before harm is done) and cases involving the lack of efficacy of a therapeutic product. - Publishes case reports of individual and multiple patients experiencing adverse reactions to a wide range of medicinal products. Reports include overdose, abuse, misuse, occupational exposure and more. Also covers medication errors, off-label use and near-misses. Articles published in Drug Safety - Case Reports may be accompanied by plain language summaries to assist patients, caregivers and others in their understanding.
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No associations affiliated with this journal
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Adis, part of Springer Nature
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