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Cellular Therapy and Transplantation

Title Abbreviation
Cell Ther Transplant
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Biomedical Researchers, Cell Biologists, Clinicians, Cytologists, Hematologists, Immunologists, Oncologists, Scientists, Transplant Surgeons
Cellular Therapy and Transplantation is an international edition initiated by European specialists in hematology and transplantation. As it used to be, the Journal is aimed for publication of novel results and ideas in the field of transplantation, cellular therapy, hematology and oncology obtained by Russian- and English-speaking clinicians and scientists, with young generation of hematologists being in scope, in order to spread these new data among the international community involved into the stem cell treatment of blood disorders and transplantation science. The CTT Journal will present clinical and experimental data, as well as reviews and research articles concerning most actual aspects of blood science, cytostatic and immune therapy of blood cancer, and biology of normal and malignant stem cells, and current state of gene therapy. The authors from Russian Federation and other states are invited for submission of their results in clinics and fundamental research. The CTT editorial policy is based on the principles of Open Access publications, strict peer-reviewing, however, with zero fees for the authors of publications. We guess, therefore, that this policy will encourage young clinicians and scientists to submit their original data, critical opinions and comments to our Journal. Moreover, we hope that the CTT publications will generate new ideas and inspire our readers for innovative treatment approaches of severe blood diseases, especially, leukemia and lymphoma, like as non-malignant blood disorders.
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No associations affiliated with this journal
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UKE, Department of Stem Cell Transplantation
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