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JMIR Human Factors

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JMIR Hum Factors
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Health Scientists, Health service researchers, Policy Makers, Researchers, Social Scientists
JMIR Human Factors is a multidisciplinary journal with contributions from design experts, medical researchers, engineers, and social scientists. JMIR Human Factors focuses on understanding how the behaviour and thinking of humans can influence and shape the design of health care interventions and technologies, and how the design can be evaluated and improved to make health care interventions and technologies usable, safe, and effective. This includes usability studies and heuristic evaluations, studies concerning ergonomics and error prevention, design studies for medical devices and healthcare systems/workflows, enhancing teamwork through human factors-based teamwork training, measuring non-technical skills in staff like leadership, communication, situational awareness and teamwork, and healthcare policies and procedures to reduce errors and increase safety. JMIR Human Factors has a broad scope, including papers which are more technical or more formative than what would be published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research. JMIR Human Factors features a rapid and thorough peer-review process, professional copyediting and production, adhering to the same quality standards as JMIR.
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No associations affiliated with this journal
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JMIR Publications Inc.
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