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Gastro Hep Advances

Electronic ISSN
Therapeutic Area
Gastroenterologists, Hepatologists
Gastro Hep Advances is the newest peer-reviewed journal published by the American Gastroenterological Association (AGA), joining Gastroenterology, Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology (CGH), Cellular and Molecular Gastroenterology and Hepatology (CMGH), and Techniques and Innovations in Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (TIGE). Gastro Hep Advances is a broad-scope, online-only, open access journal that publishes papers on basic, clinical and translational gastroenterology and hepatology. The open access model enables authors with funding mandates to have a high-quality home for their research. In addition to full-length original research articles, the journal publishes comprehensive reviews as well as commentaries and editorials. A core objective is to publish papers cascaded from AGA’s other journals that represent outstanding science and therefore qualify for publication in a journal supported by the AGA brand. Gastro Hep Advances also strongly encourages the submission of manuscripts not originally submitted to the other AGA journals. Gastro Hep Advances is less concerned with novelty and subjective perceptions of significance; its aim is to publish digestive disease research that is technically, ethically, and scientifically sound. Gastro Hep Advances is published 6 times per year with the number of issues increasing over time. Shortly after articles are accepted, they will be posted to the "Articles in Press" page of the journal’s website and will ultimately be indexed in PubMed Central. Additionally, any federally funded research will be deposited into PubMed Central, which satisfies the National Institutes of Health access policy. The journal’s website will also support multimedia files and supplemental data including images, video and audio files. Gastro Hep Advances provides updates and commentary via Facebook, Twitter, and The AGA Journals Blog.
Sponsoring Association(s)
American Gastroenterological Association (AGA)
Publisher Name
Elsevier Science Saunders - Philadelphia, PA
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