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Research Synthesis Methods

Title Abbreviation
Res Synth Methods
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Therapeutic Area
Computer Scientists, Epidemiologists, Health Scientists, Librarians, Researchers, Social Scientists, Statisticians, Technologists
Research Synthesis Methods is a multidisciplinary peer reviewed journal devoted to the development and dissemination of methods for designing, conducting, analyzing, interpreting, reporting, and applying systematic research synthesis. It aims to facilitate the creation and exchange of knowledge about research synthesis methods that is of general interest or utility for the many fields and disciplines in which research synthesis is undertaken or used. Research synthesis is common in the health and social sciences and many of the methods explored in this journal will apply directly to these disciplines and to their practitioners. The journals aim is to cross-fertilize these fields as well as others so as to enrich the methods of research synthesis in all scientific disciplines. The journal's scope includes all aspects of research synthesis methods irrespective of discipline or area of application. Papers may address statistical methods, empirical research and simulations, literature retrieval and information science, data extraction, software, graphics and reporting of synthesis results, issues of study quality, reporting or other systematic biases, narrative analysis and synthesis of qualitative data, synthesis of individual participant data, use of synthesis for developing practice guidelines, integration with cost effectiveness or decision analysis, comparison and integration of methods across different disciplines, techniques for application in different environments, applications that illustrate a novel methodology, or other such broadly methodological topics pertinent to conducting or using research synthesis. Papers on topics in fields such as the health and social sciences are welcome if they can also demonstrate relevance to general research synthesis. Papers reporting the results of a particular research synthesis are also not appropriate unless the focus is exclusively on an innovative or instructive methodological feature. To promote widespread dissemination that will enhance methodological innovation and synthesis practice, the articles in this journal must be accessible to a broad and interdisciplinary audience. Papers should provide sufficient explanatory context for the issue addressed to make its significance apparent, avoid specialized jargon and references that are not defined or described for nonspecialists, and discuss the implications and utility for practice of any results or conclusions.
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Society for Research Synthesis Methodology (SRSM)
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