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Computational Biologists, Computer Scientists, Data Scientists, Geneticists
GigaScience is GigaScience Press’ and OUP’s flagship Open Science journal, leading the way in moving scientific communication beyond Open Access. Our in-house Editorial and Curation teams provide a single unified service to make published research and all of the supporting data, code, and methods open and stably shared. Built upon the principles of open and FAIR data; reproducibility, usability and utility are our key criteria for publication. Showcasing an “integrated publishing” model, GigaScience provides researchers an Open Science solution to meet the new global standards and policies for sharing research outputs. GigaScience publishes life science and biomedical research that use "Big Data" and links these to their accompanying research objects with DOIs and other persistent identifiers (PIDs). Published articles showcase open data, computational workflows and state-of-the-art tools from the increasingly high-throughput fields of biology and biomedicine. Criteria for publication are reproducibility, usability and utility, rather than subjective assessment of “impact”. We do this within the context of a variety of article types, including Research, Data Notes, Technical Notes, Reviews and Commentaries. Founded in 2012, GigaScience was the first journal to adopt a novel form of publication by developing a large open database (, which links and publishes all the supporting associated data and other research objects (software, workflows, etc.) to the articles. A team of experienced curators follow the latest best practices to assist researchers in sharing these resources. The journal also integrates a variety of platforms and tools that enable readers to access and interact with the underlying data, protocols, computational workflows, and more.
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Oxford University Press - US
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