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Gout, Urate, and Crystal Deposition Disease

Clinical Pharmacologists, Orthopedic Surgeons, Orthopedists, Podiatrists, Radiologic Technicians, Radiologists
Gout, Urate, and Crystal Deposition Disease (ISSN 2813-4583) is an international, open access journal on gout, urate, and crystal deposition disease. GUCDD publishes reviews, regular research papers (articles) and short communications. Gout and crystal deposition-associated disorders are among the leading causes of inflammation and arthritis throughout the world, with gout being the most common form of inflammatory arthritis affecting adults. Historically referred to as “the disease of kings,” the causes and mechanisms of gout, its comorbidities, and related crystal-deposition diseases have been poorly understood over the centuries. Recently, however, research in this field has markedly expanded. The growth of this work has been in step with the increased prevalence and awareness of inflammatory crystal-associated diseases globally, as well as the recognition that the common disorder hyperuricemia is directly linked with not only gouty arthritis but also implicated in diseases of major organ systems. Concurrently, the field has expanded to include more disciplines, including genomics, nephrology, cardiology, endocrinology, urology, and advanced imaging. This journal is intended both for researchers and for clinicians who are actively managing patients. Readers and authors will be particularly interested in the epidemiology, pathophysiology, imaging, diagnosis, treatment, and outcomes of gout, hyperuricemia, degenerative and inflammatory calcium crystal arthropathies (including calcium pyrophosphate and basic calcium phosphate crystal deposition disease). In addition, readers and authors will include those interested in crystal deposition disorders that involve not only the joint, but also renal, vascular, and other extra-articular tissues. The journal will publish high quality, basic-translational and clinical-translational studies, including clinical trials. In addition, the G-CAN annual research symposium abstracts and a wide array of reviews and editorials will be published in this journal. The range of investigative work presented in the journal will not only be international, but also both inter- and multi-disciplinary. Major sources of published works will include clinicians such as rheumatologists, nephrologists, cardiologists, endocrinologists and orthopedists, and researchers in epidemiology, genomics, bioinformatics, other data sciences, and advanced imaging. Range of investigative work in this journal includes, but is not limited to: Gout; Hyperuricemia and Urate Biology; Inflammatory Arthritis; Degenerative Joint Disease; Cartilage Disease; Rheumatology and Orthopedics; Advanced Imaging; Crystallography; Clinical Pharmacology; Biochemistry; Ion Transport; Epidemiology; Genetics and Genomics; Molecular Biology; Chronic Kidney Disease; Cardiovascular Disease; Podiatry and Physical Medicine.
Sponsoring Association(s)
Gout, Hyperuricemia and Crystal Associated Disease Network (G-CAN)
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MDPI Publishing
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