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International Journal of Pharmacy Practice

Title Abbreviation
Int J Pharm Pract
Electronic ISSN
Academics, Administrators, Allied Health Professionals, Clinical Pharmacists, Clinical Pharmacologists, Educators, Epidemiologists, General Practitioners, Health Service Researchers, Nurses, Outcomes Manager, Pharmacists, Pharmaco-Epidemiologists, Pharmacologists, Researchers, Statisticians
The International Journal of Pharmacy Practice (IJPP) is a Medline-indexed, peer-reviewed, international journal publishing innovative research at the intersection of pharmacy, medicines, and healthcare. It is a great source for creating evidence-based policy and informing practice for all healthcare professionals and policymakers. IJPP is a multidisciplinary journal reflecting the increasingly collaborative approach in the delivery of healthcare. Topics include (but are not limited to): Safe and effective medicine use: e.g., medication adherence; polypharmacy; deprescribing; pharmacoepidemiology; pharmacovigilance, drug safety; antimicrobial stewardship; advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs). Health promotion and public health: e.g., cardiovascular disease, mental health; smoking cessation, healthy eating and exercise; reproductive/sexual health and HIV; substance use; vaccination; pharmacy disaster planning. Education: e.g., pharmacy education, training, and workforce development; health education relevant to medicines. Emerging areas: e.g., stratified medicine and pharmacogenomics; digital health and big data; skill mix and service redesign; new technologies; telepharmacy, and automation. Clinical management of long-term illnesses including behavioural approaches: e.g. asthma, cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, mental health and age-related conditions. Methodological articles developing new approaches or drawing on other disciplines e.g., anthropology, health economics, psychology, sociology, statistics. Methods include both evaluative and exploratory work including: structured reviews of the literature such as systematic or scoping reviews; randomised controlled trials, controlled trials, before and after studies, observational studies; intervention development including feasibility studies; epidemiological approaches, surveys, case studies, simulated client studies; interviews and focus groups.
Sponsoring Association(s)
Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS)
Publisher Name
Oxford University Press
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