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Integrative Cancer Therapies

Title Abbreviation
Integr Cancer Ther
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Advanced Practice Nurses, Clinical Pharmacists, Clinical Pharmacologists, Dietitians, Gynecologists, Internists, Med-Surg Nurses, Nuclear Medicine Physicians, Nurse Oncologists, Nurses, Oncologists, Pain Specialists, Pharmacists, Physicians, Physicians - Medicine, Radiation Oncologists, Researchers, Residents, Surgical Oncologists, Urologists
Integrative Cancer Therapies focuses on a new and growing movement in cancer treatment. Integrative cancer treatment includes therapeutic interventions in the areas of diet, lifestyle, exercise, stress care, and nutritional supplements. The journal emphasizes scientific validation of these therapies and of therapies from culturally diverse medical traditions, such as herbs, massage, yoga and other meditative movement therapies. The responsible integration of integrative therapies with conventional oncology treatment is a major focus of the journal. The use of alternative medical therapies is also explored. In addition, the journal covers innovative therapies in rapidly advancing areas of medicine that may be affected by lifestyle, including circadian biology, the microbiome and immune-based therapies. The journal presents scientifically rigorous original research, literature reviews, case studies and commentaries on key topics such as: Contributions of exercise, diet, mind-body therapies and herbs or other supplements to improved cancer outcomes; Models for integrating complementary and conventional treatment in clinical practice; Evaluation of interventions from traditional medicine systems such as traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda; Assessing and improving quality of life for cancer patients; Enhancing patients’ recovery after cancer treatments; Investigations of the effect of integrative therapies on side effects of oncology treatments; Potential interactions of cancer chemotherapy drugs with frequently used dietary supplements; Relevant laboratory studies of molecular mechanisms and biology behind integrative approaches. The journal includes several special collections on topics such as Exercise and Cancer Treatment, Emerging Integrative Therapies and Cancer and the Microbiome. The full list of Special Collections is available at Suggestions for additional special collections in the journal’s area of coverage will be considered by the editorial staff. This journal will be of particular interest to: integrative physicians, practitioners of clinical specialties frequently used for cancer such as physical therapy, psycho-oncology and nutrition; surgical, medical and radiation oncologists; pharmacists, nurses and dietitians; practitioners of diverse medical systems such as traditional Chinese medicine, naturopathy, chiropractic, Ayurveda and others. Cancer patients seeking information on integrative therapies and administrators of medical facilities that include integrative treatment centers will also find the journal of interest.
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No associations affiliated with this journal
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SAGE Publications - US
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