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Journal of Integrative Dermatology

Dermatologists, Nutritionists, Pharmacists, Physicians
The Journal of Integrative Dermatology publishes information concerning the skin and external and internal factors that modulate its function, health, and disease. The Journal of Integrative Dermatology is an international, peer-reviewed, open-access journal committed to the highest standards of rigor and relevance spanning multidisciplinary fields represented in integrative dermatology, including but not limited to conventional treatments and pharmaceuticals, naturopathic medicine, ayurveda, energy medicine, lifestyle medicine, nutrition, microbiome, gut health, functional medicine, and traditional Chinese medicine. The Journal of Integrative Dermatology is the first of its kind, expanding the rigorous evidence around interdisciplinary modalities in cutaneous science. We aim to be the flagship journal for integrative practitioners that include conventional physicians, conventional practitioners, alternative and complementary practitioners, nutritionists, and research scientists committed to advancing a general understanding of cutaneous science. The Journal delivers original research that directly impacts patient care therapies, protocols, and strategies in relation to cutaneous science and disease. Well-designed clinical studies that expand our understanding and knowledge of treatments of dermatological diseases will receive priority. The journal publishes prospective clinical studies, epidemiological investigations, editorials, case reports, systematic reviews, and meta-analyses. The topics will cover surgical, device, and medical-based care and will cover medical, ethical, socioeconomic, and access-to-care related issues. We welcome a wide range of viewpoints and support novelty in both theory and evidence. Science advances through an active dialogue between conceptual theory and concrete evidence. As such, we serves as a platform for such communication, in order to advance the field of integrative dermatology by delivering contents on basic science research, translational research, and clinical practice.
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