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Toxicological and Environmental Chemistry

Title Abbreviation
Toxicol Environ Chem
Electronic ISSN
Bio Chemists, Chemists, Organic Chemists, Pharmacologists, Toxicologists
Toxicological and Environmental Chemistry is devoted to the general chemistry, environmental behaviour and fate, toxicology, and ecotoxicology of xenobiotics and natural toxins. The journal is interdisciplinary in outlook, and manuscripts published in it cover all relevant areas: • Inorganic Chemistry – trace elements in food and the environment, metal complexes and chelates • Organic Chemistry – environmental fate, chemical reactions, metabolites and secondary products, synthesis of standards and labelled materials • Physical Chemistry – photochemistry, radiochemistry • Environmental Chemistry – sources, fate, and sinks of xenochemicals, environmental partitioning and transport, degradation and deposition • Analytical Chemistry – development and optimisation of analytical methods, instrumental and methodological advances, miniaturisation and automation • Biological Chemistry – pharmacology and toxicology, uptake, metabolism, disposition of xenochemicals, structure-activity relationships, modes of action, ecotoxicological testing. The xenochemicals considered are organic and inorganic air, water and soil pollutants, industrial chemicals, pesticides, food additives or trace contaminants, drugs, natural toxins, radioactive materials, genetoxic compounds, persistent and/or bioaccumulative pollutants and their occurrence at eco/toxicologically relevant levels and/or doses (POP’s, PBT‘s).
Sponsoring Association(s)
British Toxicology Society (BTS)
Publisher Name
Taylor & Francis, Inc. - UK
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