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Digital Medicine and Health

Therapeutic Area
Public Health Professionals, Researchers
"Digital Medicine and Health" (CN 10-1909/R, ISSN 2097-3349) is a multidisciplinary academic journal supervised by the China Association for Science and Technology and sponsored, edited and published by the Chinese Medical Association. It mainly reports on the application of digital technology in the fields of medicine and health. research and application. The purpose of the journal: to focus on the latest development directions in the field of digital medicine and health at home and abroad, to publish new theories, new technologies, and new methods in the field of digital medicine and health, to create an academic and technical exchange and cooperation platform, and to contribute to the "Healthy China" strategy. The policy of running the journal: pay equal attention to theory and practice, and promote both academic and science popularization; encourage the contention of a hundred schools of thought and promote academic exchanges; promote scientific and technological innovation and serve people's health. Coverage scope (including but not limited to): the application of digital technology in public health and disease prevention and control (such as digital epidemic control, digital disease control, etc.); the application of digital technology in emergency medical rescue and pre-hospital first aid; the application of digital technology in Applications in health assessment and early detection (such as risk prediction models, digital biomarkers, etc.); research and application of digital technology in clinical diagnosis (such as digital imaging, digital pathology, etc.); digital technology in disease treatment, care, and prognosis Research and application in digital therapy (such as digital therapy, 3D printing, surgical navigation, etc.); digital product development and its application in medical health; research and application of digital technology in rehabilitation and chronic disease management (such as rehabilitation robots, etc.); The research and application of digital technology in health monitoring and risk warning of healthy people (such as medical wearable devices, etc.); the research and application of digital technology in drug R&D and device R&D (such as intelligent design of drugs, intelligent medical devices, etc.), etc. Other research.
Sponsoring Association(s)
Chinese Medical Association (CMA)
Publisher Name
Chinese Medical Association
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