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Advanced Biology

Title Abbreviation
Adv Biol (Weinh)
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Academics, Bioengineers, Biologists, Biomedical Engineers/Technologists, Environmental Epidemiologists, Life-Science Researchers, Microbiologists, Scientists
Advanced Biology is a peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary hybrid access journal with a recently expanded scope that not only includes innovations in basic and applied life sciences, but also manuscripts at the intersection of traditionally defined disciplines, i.e., cross-disciplinary studies, where integrative and emerging fields of investigation are being formed. The expanded scope of Advanced Biology includes but is not limited to the following: Basic life science disciplines (e.g., biology of aging; chemical biology; mechanobiology; optical systems; microbial biology and communities, neurosciences; stem cell function and regenerative biology, synthetic and artificial biology). Applied life science disciplines (e.g., bioengineering; biomarker development utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning; cancer biology; circadian biology; health sciences; physical and cognitive function; plant derived pharmacology; tissue engineering; virology). Integrative and emerging sciences (e.g., the biology of heterogeneous microenvironments; plant science and phytobiome; sex and gender biology; immunobiology, including neuro-immunology and immuno-oncology; infectious and noncommunicable disease biology).
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No associations affiliated with this journal
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Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA
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